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About Our Celebrations
Celebrations is the term Church Women United (CWU) uses to describe its three annual ecumenical worship experiences. The three Celebrations build around an annual common theme but are tailored for the specific occasions. Material for the Celebrations (worship bulletins, Leaders/Planners Guides, music, posters, et al.) is ordered from the CWU National Office by calling in orders at 212-870-2347 or by mailing an order to Church Women United, 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 243, New York NY 10115. Orders can also be placed online at: www.churchwomen.org.

Local Units customize the Celebrations to fit the community in which they are located and the time of day they hold their Celebrations. Some units hold breakfast Celebrations while others serve lunch. Some units have evening Celebrations with refreshments. Some units have both morning and evening Celebrations. Most units hold their Celebrations in local churches, while some take their Celebrations to local nursing homes, et al. The possibilities are limitless. Do remember, though, that, if you hold all of your Celebrations on Friday morning, you will automatically exclude most working women; and, if you hold them in the evening, you will exclude some of the older women who do not drive at night.

Please also remember to honor any copyrighted material by not copying it. This especially applies to music that you may want to add to a Celebration.
  1. May Friendship Day (MFD)
    May Friendship Day is celebrated the first weekend in May and acts as a catalyst for building healing relationships within the local community. One-half of the offering remains with the Local Units for their work; and one-half is sent to the State Unit for support of their work.

  2. World Community Day (WCD)
    World Community Day is celebrated the first weekend in November. The Celebration focuses on justice and peace in the global society. The offering is sent to the National Office for support of the National Movement.

  3. Human Rights Celebration (HRC)
    The Human Rights Celebration was instituted by CWU in 2006 as a means for Local Units to focus on the importance of Human Rights. This Celebration can be held any time during the year. The heart of the Celebration involves the presentation of the CWU Human Rights Award to local individuals who have worked for the cause of human rights. The offering goes to the National Office for support of the movement.

Please note: The North Carolina Unit would like to display photos of your Celebrations on this website. We encourage you to send photos to jkspringer@bellsouth.net. Identify your Local Unit, the occasion, and any people in the photos.

And remember to send in the Report Forms sent to you by our NC Ecumenical Celebrations Coordinator, Annie Purcell.
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